Project is organized by...
Project is organized and managed by Jun Tsuzuki. Each project is supported by participants who find this project interesting. Project is free to join.
What is synchronicity project?
Synchronicity Project is a photo album of an earth.
This photo album is a collected images of an earth in a moment.

Anyone is able to participate in the project but under one condition. No matter where you are or what you are up to, you are to take one photo in designated time.

The time is determined so far by it's neat euphonious look or by time which historical events had taken place. There will be seriesof interviews to the people who experienced those events.
We hope you will get an idea of the particular date that you have chosen to join in. This project has no intention of provoking political or historical awareness.
Anyone can join this project
Anyone with PC and camera can join this project.
But do not forget to attach information.
(Refer to "How To Participate")
You took an image but not in the right moment.
We might accept your image within an hour of delay.
But always try to shoot in right seconds.



Image Format
640 x 480pixel
Text Format
01. Name of the participant
02. Time an image was captured.
   (e.g.) 1st June 2006, 1:11:11 AM
03. Place where the image was shot
04. Text: explaining the situation.
※ We cannot upload the images if above information is not clarified.