◆How To Participate?

Take a photo at the designated time.
Try to shoot it in a right seconds but a little bit of delay is acceptable.
Then send me that image with information below by mail toentry@synchronicity-lab.org

-Image format

-Text format
a)A name of the Synchronizer
b)Time of shooting(as detailed as seconds)
c)Place, where the image was shot
d)A line of text explaining the situation. If the text is too long we will have to edit.



Accurate Information Must Be Attached.

Do not forget to attach information when you send us a project image.

We need;
(1)who took the image.
(2)what time(must be accurate) the image was photographed.
(3)where the image was photographed.
(4)what you have been up to or why you photographed that image.

Without these project descriptions, we cannot upload your precious data.